Hurley Repairs

We offer hurley repair services to give your broken hurls a new lease of life, maintaining their quality and structure and saving you having to replace it.

Pop-Up Shops

Moran Hurleys offer a pop-up shop service at clubs all around Leisnter, fitting all the players and providing them with the finest quality Moran Hurleys. Get in touch to arrange a pop-up shops specific to your needs.

School and Club Orders

Looking for a large order of Hurls for school or club teams? Get in touch and Moran Hurleys can fit your team or class out with Moran Hurleys and get them performing to the best of their potential.


In our workshops we take you through the craft of making a hurl, the centrepiece of the oldest and fastest field game in the world. The workshop entails getting first hand experience of crafting a hurl under the watchful eye of an experienced hurley maker. We offer bespoke workshops for any event.

Moran Hurleys