Our Story


As a former inter-county hurler, I’ve always had an incredible passion for hurling. I’ve carried that passion for the game through to my craft and business, taking pride in providing hand-crafted hurls from my workshop in Rathdrum, under an hour from Dublin.


Hurley making is one of the oldest traditions in the history of Ireland. I have been crafting hurls since 1995 and have a great deal of knowledge of the craft. At Moran Hurleys, we put a great deal of time and dedication into producing the best quality hurls that suits players’ specific needs.


I am very aware of the player’s needs in choosing a hurley that suits their skill level and player development. The quality of ash is of utmost importance and I personally select only the finest timber. I make sure that every Moran Hurley is handmade to an individual’s specific needs.

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